The serie Origines consists of interior traces of her last journey to the African continent along the flow of the Niger in 1988. She transmits to us the message of an imaginary who acts in the register of the profane and sacred.
According to the Bambaras in Mali, the genius Faro gave men a twin soul : Ni, or soul of life and Dya ,the breath, the spirit who travels through dreams. These images are one entity with their components and composition but finally doubled and perceived multiplied – due to the diversion of their metamorphosis.
In this new experimental field, Sophie Elbaz reaches the suggestive idea through the dematerialisation of the contaminated original.
The appearance of the new image, resulting from the organic transformation, in the invisible field, imposes in facto the great dialogue with Nature. These phantoms wake up our deep archetypes buried in the depths of our humanity, like in a dream.

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  • Lucy
  • Africa
  • Tree of life
  • Chaman Hic un Nunc
  • Eepa heyi Oya
  • The Hermite
  • The slave
  • The Fall
  • The mower death
  • Night
  • The Gateway
  • Le Chief
  • The Pathman to Eternity
  • Le Sacrifice
  • The children of the River
  • Ghosts Ebony
  • The lips of the passage
  • The Offerings
  • Carrier Life
  • princesses sands
  • Procession
  • The source exhuberante
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