Memories of Hers

“Memories of Hers” (“Mémoires d’Elles”) is a serie of black and white portraits. Every image regroups three woman from the same family; grandmother, mother and daughter. The photographs are 
accompanied by a brief biographical story, constructed through interviewing one or all woman represented, which leads to the retracing of the family history. Each family lives in Paris or in its close suburbs .The project is conceived as a whole where the exposition and the book constitute an album of society living through the course of the XXth century.

Also, “Mémoires d’Elles” establishes a type of identity-card objective of the urban French society through its women, and it shows how, because of them, they are catalysts of our evolution. The grandmother, even as she descends from uprooting, incarnates a perfect identifiable tradition.
The mother is affirmed as a result of a profound mutation and the daughter symbolizes at the same time the breaking-up of schemes as well as an element of continuity and transmission.

Paradoxically, the absence of men on the photographs is evident, it is maybe the first statement which is imposed: with the break-up of matrimonial and social values attached to the last name, the woman have become the guardians of the family line, incarnating the element of continuity of social order.

Avoiding all didacticism, Photography appears to be the ideal way to constitute this type of civil state identity faced by those brought forward to the reader to be questioned and placed.

The images are there, within reach and dense- the presence of the three or four woman on these images naturally emits a deep intensity and complexity into the whole reading and the spirit of the reader, facing these images, oscillates between the immediate impressions and meanings and reflects when confronted to construct these impressions and the objectives of the text.

Throughout its conception, the project tries to reach out a certain objectivity. Nevertheless, one realises through final analysis that the personal perception of each recomposed ‘impressionistic’ panorama, where the implication of the subjects photographed and the reader’s interpretation yields to a sentiment profoundly subjective, discloses the ultimate truth of the project: what individuals face throughout their perspective journey of our immediate history.

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  • 3 Générations
  • Famille Bertin
  • Famille COLOMBANI
  • Famille de Turkheim
  • Famille Guash
  • Famille Huguier
  • Famille Lhermitte
  • Famille Ouai
  • famille Perlado
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