The current work of Sophie Elbaz, in particular the series on Mali and the sequence here displayed on India, is a sort of posthumous work. And it is such in many ways.

Sophie Elbaz carried with her a larger scope than that which was required of her title “Reporter”, her images “recycled”, revealed a capacity to speak of invisible things, whether that be of the chaotic African theurgies, or, as here, a bloody combat and a native, intimate and violent contamination offending simultaneously the image, the regard and the conscience.

And so, when we look at these images of India, which crush and melt in the same space the immemorial, the instant, the murder and the conclusion – we suddenly realize that all of us, collectively, have disillusioned the worlds, stung the prayers and the gods for amusement, transformed the dead and the raped into forgotten outsiders, after having tied up the prophets, betrayed the secrets, humiliated the Bodhisattva of all orders – do we not see that we have all become the guinea pigs of the future? Are we not already posthumous?

Bernard Cier, Philosopher

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