dreams of earth

This project, conducted in Brazil within the framework of an artist-in-residence program in November and December 2008, will be on exhibit in June 2009 in Rio de Janeiro during the 2009 “Year of France in Brazil” and Photorio.
Through this photographic series, taken in Brazil in 2008, and through its symbols, the earth is the realm of our daydreams. It is she who carries our dreams and our hopes.
Earth dreams , (Les Rêveries de la Terre) puts into play the body and its elements. Throughout the narrative compositions, the viewer finds himself deep within a universe of sensations. Searching out this confrontation between the symbolic and the material imaginary, the artist reaches out to find the primal state, the perfect instant of origin. He establishes the relationship between matter’s sensuality and the image which appears even before the idea. In returning the body to its elements – water, earth, fire, and air – we each hear the resonance which exists between the interiority and the Universal: the living Being.
In experiencing nature, the being is reunited with the very essence of that from which he comes: his humanity. This vital symbiosis is the point of origin.
But nature would not have existed without its opposing force. The destructive forces of our passions divert us from our dreams, bring us to the hell of our impulses. Does not the current combat for our survival depend on our capacity to imagine the world?

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