In 1995, I stopped being a reporter and stepped onto Cuban soil for the first time. My own roots and the years I spent in Mexico, in Africa, in India and in the USA no doubt prepared me to be receptive without being judgmental. This meant I was able to go beyond the rationality of certainty, throwing myself into a world inspired by Alejo Carpentier, Wilfredo Lam and Mendive.

Although my encounter with the Cuban soul was in some ways a pretext (in the same way Michel Leiris makes Africa into a metaphor for writing on the Self, or of a field of energy), it also enabled me to make the necessary inner journey to my African-ness and to my psyche. It became possible for me to use a new idiom of light against the backdrop of my own imagination.

From 1995 to 1999, I photographed the Lorca theatre in the purist black and white tradition: this was a lesson in resilience and humility at the Havana Opera House. Today, my most recent work Aleyo is a cry for life coloured with the hues of a land that is essential to me, bearing witness to a heritage that had, until recently, withstood the assaults of colonisation and 50 years of Marxist-Leninist thought.

More recently I produced a trilogy entitled Aleyo, on the theme of the Sacred, the Body, and Politics. Cuba gradually became a workshop for my imagination, providing me with both the material and the opportunity for a “writing of the Self“ capable of revealing the ‘other side’ of things, beyond surface appearances.

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  • Elegua
  • Adam Kadmon
  • bata
  • bata
  • Plane on ground
  • Santera
  • Elegua ceremony
  • The router at carnival in Santiago
  • Sacrifice
  • Goat
  • Cross of Fire
  • The organic devil
  • Santeros
  • el diablo seva
  • Elegua
  • The chains
  • Ayé-Xango
  • Blue Duet
  • Ruined decors
  • Facade in ruins
  • Empty chairs, december second , Havana, for the Fidel's 80th anniversary. But Fidel was absent
  • Antonio Maceo, Santiago de Cuba
  • No way out
  • The dead
  • Wild grass
  • Flowing
  • Melancolia
  • Offering at night
  • The pier
  • Jineteras on the Malecon
  • games deconstructed
  • No entry
  • Terrorists
  • Saint-Lazaro
  • Tropic
  • Medusa
  • Flower of evil
  • Son of the woods
  • The router at carnival in Santiago
  • Against the wall
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